When you age, your face changes, fine lines and wrinkles appear; lips become thinner, and what not! Aging is the most natural process, and it is hard to escape. What you can do is slow down the process and prevent yourself from diseases. Often celebrities claim that avoiding smiles or facial expressions helps prevent the appearance of their wrinkles. However, please don’t fall for it, as no facial expressions can help you avoid wrinkles. A healthy balanced diet, exercise, and cosmetic treatments can help enhance the skin. Remember, this is just one of the many fake information or myths around wrinkles.

  • My parents have wrinkles, so I am likely to have them too.

Do you know that more than 90% of the visible skin changes are due to the sun? You may inherit some appearance features or traits, but aging, nah! The age at which you start developing wrinkles is not entirely dependent on genetics. You can take care of your skin early to slow the aging effects.

  • One perfect skincare routine exists

One of the biggest myths of all time is that one perfect skincare routine exists. Remember, there is no such thing as perfect as it is all based on trial and error. Everyone is different, and so is their skin. What may work for your mother, sister, friend, acquaintances, or others may not work for you. What might work for one may not work for the other. You should start with one product and let your skin get used to it before adding new products into the routine, as multiple products can irritate your skin. Then use products with proven clinical ingredients such as retinol, antioxidants, and more. Give some time for the routine to work; it takes weeks or even months to show results. Keep using it until you see the results; do not stop.

  • Best treatments for wrinkles are expensive

Most companies claim to have procedures to smoothen your skin and make it wrinkle-free – it indeed comes at a cost. If you have been using many products and spending a good amount of money on them, stop it. You need a minimal anti-aging cream that works best for you instead of using a dozen.

  • Moisturizer can prevent wrinkles from forming

Moisturizing is essential to the skincare routine, but it can hardly prevent wrinkles. Moisturizer can brighten your complexion, which helps make your wrinkles less noticeable. Don’t be disheartened and moisturize your face regularly, but do not raise your false hope that moisturizer can stop aging and prevent wrinkles from forming.

  • Only need sunscreen when it’s sunny

When the sun is bright and shining, you would feel the need to apply sunscreen, but what happens on cloudy or rainy days. Remember to protect your skin on such days with sunscreen, and always carry sunglasses and a hat. Sunscreen reduces the risk of skin cancer and is one of the most effective anti-aging products. Sunscreen protects skin from UV rays and helps your skin to repair itself to prevent further damage. It will help if you choose sunscreen by analyzing your skin’s aspects. Remember, no product can reverse the damage of not wearing sunscreen.