Coolsculpting® by Zeltiq is the coolest, revolutionary new way to lose those annoying bumps and bulges of stubborn fat without surgery. Created by Harvard Scientists, this unique technology freezes fat cells and causes a reduction of body fat. Fat freezing lets you easily get rid of the unwanted fat around your tummy, waist, arms and thighs in a non-invasive way. Even the fat that refuses to go away with diet and exercise can be effectively reduced with Coolsculpting®. The result is a noticeable, natural-looking reduction in fat bulges.

Unlike most other methods of fat removal, the Coolsculpting® procedure is totally non-invasive. That means no needles, no incisions, no surgery, and best of all: no downtime. Sit back and relax, read your favorite book, work on your laptop, or watch Netflix on our huge flat screen TV and let the Coolsculpting® machine do all the work in getting rid of your unwanted fat. The entire procedure takes an hour and does not even need anesthesia or pain medication.

3 Reasons Why You Should Come To Us For Coolsculpting®:

First, did you know that Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle and Donna Riopelle did many of the original studies for Zeltiq, the maker of Coolsculpting®, long before the device was released for general use. In fact we worked with Zeltic on Coolsculpting® even before Dr. Mathew Abram who is credited by Dr Oz as the pioneer. Zeltiq found Dr. Abram later because they wanted the Harvard name behind their device. Dr and Donna Riopelle were intimately familiar with how Coolsculpting® worked right from the start. Why were they selected by Zeltiq to do the studies? Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle and Donna Riopelle are foremost experts in the Bay Area on fat removal, having done over 3500 liposuction procedures using various techniques. They have also treated hundreds of patients with many other non-invasive fat removal techniques which are all offered by our practice.

Dr. Riopelle’s office was the initial primary research site in developing Coolsculpting®. We treated and evaluated over 100 patients for Zeltiq and Dr. Riopelle is credited with research in Zeltiq’s published studies. Dr. Riopelle also evaluated the pre and post results for Zeltiq of patients treated with Coolsculpting® so he has great knowledge of what works and what does not work. This knowledge allows Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle and Donna Riopelle to design the best possible Coolsculpting® program to get you the most optimal results possible, and to evaluate when Coolsculpting® will work and when there is a better option.

Second, in our practice, only Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle and Donna Riopelle decide exactly where the fat will be removed and mark the places the device will be placed to remove the fat. In most practices a technician with little firsthand experience of fat removal marks the patient for device placement. We feel strongly that these markings should be performed only by experts in fat removal, because the marking is the single most important factor affecting the final results. If these marks are off by even half an inch, the device can create divots, bumps, and uneven fat removal. Through their years of experience removing fat, including their direct work as researchers for Zeltiq, Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle and Donna Riopelle have the best possible knowledge to place the markings optimally and get you the best results.

Third and very importantly, we perform skin tightening along with fat removal when necessary. One problem with fat removal alone is that it can sometimes leave the skin loose and sagging. As we age the skin has less ability to bounce back and tighten and look good. This phenomenon is especially true in patients over 35 and in any woman whose skin has been stretched out with pregnancy. Therefore included in our treatments we offer specific targeting procedures to tighten the skin for anyone who we feel may need this tightening. There is no extra charge for this important part of the treatment, and in most cases it can be done right along with the Coolsculpting® treatment so that there are no extra treatments needed. Also since it takes 3 months to see the results of Coolsculpting®, if one wants faster results for an event or vacation, special fat reduction can be added as well for a small extra charge, which gets rid of some fat very quickly.

Areas of Concern:

When it comes to fat removal there are no greater experts than Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle and Donna Riopelle. Give Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in San Ramon a call at (925) 275-9333 to schedule an appointment today!

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