Cellulite or Loose skin? Thermage® body non-invasive procedures smooth, tighten, and contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance- without surgery, injections, or downtime. Thermage® can be used for loose skin on the abdomen, where it does a very nice job of lifting. It is also great for the neck, chest, and buttocks, and can be used for arm and leg skin tightening as well. The new 15 cm Thermage® body tip is almost painless and treats cellulite, and tightens skin and fat all in one fast treatment.

*See benefits with a single treatment. Improvements are subtle and continue to improve over time. *there’s no downtime. After treatment, you can quickly get back to your normal routine. There is no bruising, swelling, or sutures. * Thermage® body is colorblind. Unlike lasers, Thermage® body procedures work on all skin types and colors. Thermage® also works very well for the hands. One great approach for total hand rejuvenation is to combine Thermage® for the hands to tighten skin with Radiesse to thicken the collagen and replace lost subcutaneous fat. REMEMBER: Thermage® results are dependent on the technique of the person performing the procedure. Dr. Riopelle and Donna Riopelle received the prestigious Pinnacle award from Thermage® for both 2007 and 2008 as top providers of the Thermage® procedure.

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