A great new treatment has arrived at Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center: Fractional CO2 resurfacing. Fractional resurfacing started with Fraxel technology. However, unlike Fraxel, which uses the far weaker erbium laser, the UltraPulse® CO2 by Luminus uses fractionated CO2.

This fractional CO2 works fairly similar to the process of aerating a lawn. It punches thousands of microscopic holes into the skin, which causes the skin to grow into holes which makes new skin, which appears younger-looking, has fewer wrinkles and lines, and is thicker. Our skin loses 1% of its thickness per year and the UltraPulse® CO2 reverses some of this thinning by stimulating new collagen growth. Again, Fraxel works in the same way because it is erbium, though Fraxel’s results are far less impressive than fractional CO2.

In our office, we use the TotalFX and the ActiveFX by Luminus. We chose the Luminus TotalFX because it has, by far, the greatest experience in producing CO2 lasers. The TotalFX has great versatility and works for many conditions in many skin types. We are able to create a personalized treatment made for your condition and skin type by being able to have variations in settings, including depth of penetration, size of the tiny holes it creates, and density of fractionated CO2.

ActiveFX: This device is CO2 laser skin resurfacing for active people. It is a fractional laser treatment, which means that only a portion of the skin’s surface is treated by the laser. Small areas of skin are left “untouched,” allowing faster healing which allows you to go back to normal activities more quickly. The treatment causes the first layer of skin to peel off, which causes the regeneration of a layer of new, healthy skin.

DeepFX: CO2 laser skin resurfacing is for deeper wrinkles and scars that have a dermal component. The treatment also uses a fractional pattern to support the regeneration process. The deep heating related to DeepFX causes collagen to tighten immediately and long-lasting collagen remodeling. The patient can expect softened and smoothed wrinkles and scars, with improved skin texture. The Deep FX treatment is excellent for wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

Total FX: This treatment is a combination of the Active FX and Deep FX systems. The results are fractional resurfacing of the surface of your skin, removing sun damage and brown spots, as well as the deeper skin issues such as wrinkles, scars, and uneven skin tone. Total FX is a complete resurfacing treatment and many patients express seeing amazing results.

For example, patients with purely surface aging and fine lines can undergo ActiveFX, which is a lighter version of the Total Fx with faster recovery time and less downtime. This ActiveFX treatment, like Fraxel, diminishes brown spots, though unlike Fraxel, it produces results in just one treatment! It also improves fine lines and wrinkles much more effectively than Fraxel. Settings are varied for skin type and depth of fine lines, as well as the severity of photodamage.

TotalFX is for patients with more severe photodamage, as well as deeper fine lines, and it also actually tightens skin. Compared to other CO2 lasers, the Luminis TotalFX is more powerful and this adds to its versatility and ability to achieve excellent results. It is our most popular treatment for reducing fine lines, brown spots, age spots, skin color irregularities, and for tightening the skin in general. It is actually 2 passes, first using a deep pass that penetrates the skin with a very narrow beam of the laser. This is then followed with wider beams of more superficially penetrating lasers.

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At Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, we have excellent treatments available for virtually every cosmetic condition. We have over 20 laser and high tech options to choose from to treat your given condition. If you are interested in learning more about Fractional CO2 resurfacing, give us a call. You will be able to consult with one of our skin care professionals to discuss your skin care goals. Give us a call at (925) 275-9333 to get started today!

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