Age spots are common in adults over 40 and younger who spend much time in the sun. Sometimes a single spot or a cluster of spots can also appear at a young age, but it is usually more common in middle age or older adults. They are common tan, brown, and black spots on the skin. While they can appear anywhere, they usually appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face, upper chest, arms, and hands. Also called liver spot and is harmless. They are also mistaken as a sign of cancer. But why do they happen, what are the possible risk factors, and how to treat them?

Age spots may happen due to excess melanin production or skin pigmentation. Honestly, even experts need clarification about the exact reason for age spots. It can be hereditary; other reasons could be sun exposure, tanning beds, aging, etc. Remember, anyone can develop age spots, but some people are at a higher risk of developing it, as mentioned above.

What are the Symptoms of Age Spots?

Color – Age spots range from light brown to black and may darken with time due to sun exposure.

Size – It can be a freckle to an inch big in size.

Texture – It is the same as the skin and appears on sun-exposed areas of the skin.

Shape – It can be round or oval.

If it grows bigger, changes color, has irregular borders, has multiple colors, or begins to itch or bleed, it is time to visit a dermatologist. Nobody likes an age spot anywhere on the skin, but it is a significant cause of worry when it is on the face. Everyone wants a spotless face and flawless skin, which can be hard to achieve. Many factors, such as pollution, sun exposure, stress, unhealthy eating habits, etc., influence our skin’s health. Everyone desires healthy and flawless skin free from age spots and blemishes. Plenty of skincare products are available, but achieving the desired results overnight is hard. We have suitable procedures for age spots that can work on any skin and produce the desired results. Our customized treatment for individual patients catering to their needs works well in their best interests.

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