It is likely for people, especially women, to pay much attention to their skincare routine. Moreover, men’s growing interest in skincare routines is becoming a trending topic today. Even if you are someone who takes good care of yourself, sometimes you might be missing something or the other. Some people are lip biters triggered by stress or because their lips are dry or flaky. Moreover, people may have bitten their lips while eating or talking. Excessive biting may not raise concerns but can cause swelling, rawness, and sores, and caring for them is necessary. Our lips are thinner and too sensitive than our arms or legs. This means lips are more susceptible to environmental stresses, like wind, cold weather, and sun damage. Most people are prone to chapped lips during winter, but it can happen to anyone at any time of the year. People may become self-conscious with dry, chapped, bleeding, or painful lips. As a common problem, it is great to always take good care of your lips by following these steps:

  • Exfoliate the lips

Removing dry, flaky, or dead skin on the lips is a good idea by gently brushing with a cloth or soft brush. You may do it 2-3 times a week before bed and apply moisturizer for hydration overnight.

  • Hydrate

Lips do not contain oil glands and can quickly dry out or become chapped. Drink lots of water to avoid dryness of lips and stop licking them.

  • Moisturize

It is the most important step, as you must nourish your lips. It is likely to bite your lips while chewing or for other reasons. Use a moisturizer even if you may not be fond of it. You may likely not bite on your lip and become more mindful before doing it the next time.

  • Reapply the lip balm

Whenever your lips become dry, try to apply the lip balm or moisturize them as soon as possible. Keeping it in several places can be helpful, so don’t forget to use it.


Meanwhile, these steps can help to keep your lips healthy and hydrated, but sometimes bad habits can trigger them. So, to keep your lips pink and healthy, you may implement some fundamental lifestyle changes.

  • Mindfulness

It is essential to note down the trigger that leads you to bite your lips. For some, it is anxiety, while others may do it because their lips are dry, flaky, chapped, etc. You must note the reasons behind it and start working toward it to stop it. Find ways to distract yourself and keep your lip balm handy to apply every time your lips become dry.

  • Muscle Relaxing Techniques

If you are a lip biter, then it may be a good idea to control stress and anxiety by tensing certain muscles and releasing them. This allows muscles to relax and shifts the focus of your mind from an anxious state to a more relaxed state.

  • Behavioral Therapy

Understanding and learning how to cope with triggers is always a good idea.