When you step outside, you will likely overexpose yourself to UVA and UVB during any season. Overexposure to UV rays harms health as it leads to premature aging, increases the risk of cancer, etc. Before stepping out of the home, apply sunscreen. Research suggests that about 20% of all skin cancers start from the lips or other sun-exposed areas of the face, like the ears or nose. Did you know that your lower lip is more likely to be affected by skin cancer than the upper lip?

Many people may likely overlook applying sunscreen on the lips. Lips are thin with very little melanin. Sun exposure without protection on the lips weakens collagen and results in thinning and aging. So, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun. Vitamin D is vital for the human body, so soaking in the sun is not bad. However, applying sunscreen that protects your face, lips, and body is a must and shouldn’t be avoided.

If you are working in the yard or spending time at the pool or the beach, it is vital to protect your lips.

  • Use an SPF lip balm – You may look for a lip balm that is at least SPF 30+ and will protect your lips from UV rays.
  • Use a wide-brim hat – Nobody wants their face and skin tone to look different. It is a good idea to use a hat and sunscreen not only for the face but on the exposed areas of the body.
  • Avoid spending time in the sun – If you are out, you should reapply sunscreen every two hours. However, the best would be to reduce your time in the sun.

Treat your lips

Tender, blistered, swollen, and redder than normal lips are signs of sunburned lips that may last for 3-5 days. If you have already overexposed your lips without applying any lip balm or cream with SPF, then you can follow these steps to control the after-damage.

  • Use a cold washcloth and apply it to your lips
  • Use aloe vera
  • Avoid petroleum jelly
  • If the lips are peeling, try and exfoliate
  • Take anti-inflammatories to reduce any discomfort

These tips can help take care of your lips and protect them from the sun. However, if you are concerned about your thinner lips and looking for fuller lips, our treatment methods can help address your concerns and give you more confidence in your smile. So, schedule an appointment with Riopelle Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center at (925) 275-9333 today.