Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that carry blood, nutrient, and oxygen to cells throughout the body. The idea is to support organs and their functioning. They are delicate blood vessels and are the smallest in your vascular system. When they dilate and contract, blood rushes, exerting greater weight against their walls, causing ruptures. As the blood leaks into the surrounding tissue, the skin appears red. The broken capillaries usually appear as reddish-blue lines below the skin’s surface. They can develop anywhere, but the most common areas are the nose, cheeks, and lips.


What are the causes of Broken Capillaries?

  • Sun exposure

Stepping outside without applying sunscreen can lead to the overexpansion of capillaries, causing them to break. And if your skin is sunburnt, the affected area becomes thinner and starts peeling off, making capillaries more visible.

  • Genetics

You may be susceptible if any of your family members have broken capillaries.

  • Rosacea

It is a common condition in which the skin becomes flushed and red due to enlarged veins.

  • Injuries

Injuries can lead to broken vessels.

  • Sneeze or cough

People prone to broken capillaries may develop them after intense sneezing and coughing.

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures may dilate the capillaries to the extent of breakage.

  • Pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause broken blood vessels. One may also see spider veins, which may go away after pregnancy.

  • Alcohol

Frequent consumption can lead to longer-lasting broken blood vessels and redness on the face.



Several home remedies are out there, such as one should avoid using hot water when washing the face. Vitamin C helps blood vessels stay elastic and keep the collagen in the cells. Aloe vera helps in reducing redness but may also likely dry out cells. Avoiding the sun during peak hours or stepping out using sunscreen is always a good idea. Moreover, if you enjoy spending time outside, like hiking or riding a bike, it would be great to use protective gear.


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